Thursday, June 28, 2012

Citadel Elven Attack Chariot

I spent a bit of time this morning cleaning up my Elven Attack chariot after its Dettol bath. Im missing one of the characters, the Prince with spear, however I've bought off ebay the chap below who I am going to try using instead. 

Prince Lolair that Im missing from my Chariot

High Elf Im probably going to use instead!

I just have to wait until he falls through the door (with 7 more elf cavalry friends! oops!) before I decide if he's suitable. What do you think?  Im unlikely to find a Prince Lolair on ebay - without having to buy a whole chariot aswell! I think I may spend too much time and money on ebay as it is!

Its getting to the point I feel I must part with some figures otherwise Im going to start appearing on a Channel 4 hoarder program! One day I will take a picture from inside my garage. Be warned it will be quite scary!

In the meantime I've got lots of other stuff to keep me busy...

Im also adding 'Disciples of the Red Redemption' and 'High Elf Maiden Guard' to my Stuff I wants list!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuff I want...

Should I buy some more Elf Cavalry or is 40 too many?

So I've painted all my Elven Cavalry and with my 3 personalities on horses that makes 33. Now I obviously have OCD because Im thinking 40 is a nice round number and therefore I happen to look on ebay and I find someone selling seven more Elf Cavalry troopers. Temptation get thee behind me! or Should I?

I've not really done a miniatures Top 10 like everyone else... (that would have meant spending alot of time trawling through Stuff of Legends) and I've got quite a lot of what I want already! but here is a small list of things Im still wanting! - Some of them arent even miniatures! - theres are other things in life as well you know!

Prince lolair gilandiril (which appears to be missing from my elven attack chariot! doh!)
Citadel Mutant Chaos Ogre - you know exactly who I mean. you wouldnt read this blog if you didnt know him! Anyways I've always wanted him but never got round to getting one.
80's Citadel Dwarves in general! - but definitely the 2 boxed regiments!
*Added Disciples of the Red Redemption!
*Added High Elf Maiden Guard!
A Dremel Stylus - I've never used a one but I reckon it could be useful!
A proper camera for taking better pictures of my painting!
A miniatures display cabinet - no point hiding away all my hard work!
A fellow Warhammer nut to play 3rd edition against!

and time to paint everything! - not much to ask!?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1980's Citadel Elf Cavalry finishing touches

Last bits of touching up and now they are at least playable. I'm still thinking about pennants and shield designs. I might make a start on the elven chariot...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Painted GW Wight King fresh from the painting table

So in between painting all the Elf cavalry, I've been doing other bits to keep me sane. This is a GW Vampire Counts Wight King. I've already got plans to use him as a Lich in my D&D campaign. Im really pleased with his paint job, helped by the fact that, although it is plastic, its actually quite a good model (the chainmail is very crisp, however the fur cloak not so good). As all good salesmen seem to say... the photos, from my phone, don't do the figure justice!

GW Wight King