Monday, July 13, 2015

Warband of Lavisicious Champion of Slaanesh

Helga took another deep breath. She had already lost a leg. It had been an excruciatingly delightful pain as promised, but now it just throbbed subtly. She had been amply compensated by her arms that were pleasingly long and powerful! And her tail was slinky and soft, just what she wanted. Perhaps one day she'd be able to control it.

But already the next phase of her transformation was underway.

The Chaos Dwarf Wizard had only just joined her warband. She thought him funny looking, but he just looked on inquisitively as Helga began polymorphing once again. The world seemed to swirl about her, whilst the itching intensified around her chin and nostrils... perhaps she would be transformed into an image of her loyal fighting ratmen!

Lavisicious the dwarf looked on as Helga transformed faster and faster. Huge white ears popped from her head, beady pink eyes glowed as white hair grew unnaturally fast. Whiskers and teeth finished off her transformation. Suddenly Helga the fearsome champion had been transformed into a dull witted, white rabbit! She ambled about eating grass and dandelion leaves. It was time for Lavisicious to take command.

"Follow me" he growled. The skaven scampered after him. The monstrosity that was Helga half followed, half stumbled after them.

A small party of pathetic humans had joined the warband by the time they spied the forces of Nurgle across the clearing. The humans had all passed the perversion tests easily, but now it was time to test their mettle against the slimey pus covered beastman, that stood between Lavisicious and immortality...

The warband of Lavisicious and their great patron, the Keeper of Secrets...

Helga the Chaos Spawn