Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have found my painting table again.

I've not really felt like doing anything miniatures related. I've had too much to do sorting out the affairs of my mum. But that's beginning to be more under control I've allowed myself some time to do a bit of fixing and painting. Long awaited progress has been made on some elf cavalry.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. It was a rushed photo from the phone this morning. You'll have to trust me that its Elf cavalry. Why they painted green? I like green - but they will hopefully end up white with a greenish tinge like the cavalry in the rear rank.

I'm finding the sheer number of them quite daunting, so Im painting other things to keep me sane at the same time, Reaper Fire Elemental, Citadel Night Horror and one of the new offerings from GW a Plastic Undead Wight Lord have all felt the touch of a good brush (Pictures to follow at another time).

Also I'm looking forward to Salute. A couple of miniatures companies I wanted to see aren't going (Copplestone!) but I'm sure there will be enough there to keep me happy.

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adeptgamer said...

Glad to see you back at the brush, keep up the effort! I'll send good painting vibes your way :)