Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stuff I want...

Should I buy some more Elf Cavalry or is 40 too many?

So I've painted all my Elven Cavalry and with my 3 personalities on horses that makes 33. Now I obviously have OCD because Im thinking 40 is a nice round number and therefore I happen to look on ebay and I find someone selling seven more Elf Cavalry troopers. Temptation get thee behind me! or Should I?

I've not really done a miniatures Top 10 like everyone else... (that would have meant spending alot of time trawling through Stuff of Legends) and I've got quite a lot of what I want already! but here is a small list of things Im still wanting! - Some of them arent even miniatures! - theres are other things in life as well you know!

Prince lolair gilandiril (which appears to be missing from my elven attack chariot! doh!)
Citadel Mutant Chaos Ogre - you know exactly who I mean. you wouldnt read this blog if you didnt know him! Anyways I've always wanted him but never got round to getting one.
80's Citadel Dwarves in general! - but definitely the 2 boxed regiments!
*Added Disciples of the Red Redemption!
*Added High Elf Maiden Guard!
A Dremel Stylus - I've never used a one but I reckon it could be useful!
A proper camera for taking better pictures of my painting!
A miniatures display cabinet - no point hiding away all my hard work!
A fellow Warhammer nut to play 3rd edition against!

and time to paint everything! - not much to ask!?


adeptgamer said...

33 is a far better number than 40! Those silly even numbered units are so passe, set a precedence and stick with 33 ;)

Elderac said...

If you go to 40, you would really need to go to 44, so you can have 4 troops of 10 plus 1 leader each.

Seriously, though, I think 33 is plenty. It has been awhile since I have played WFB, but it seems like you would need a lot of points per side to deploy all 33 of your cav.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Orlygg said...

Loving the Elf army but no 80s chariot? Surely a must for any army?

Unknown said...

Well - the Elf cavalry were only £2.20ish each - which I thought was a bargain. They'll probably go straight into 'storage' so I'm wondering whether it was a good buy or not.

Yes, I have a 80's chariot. What sort of Wood Elf collector would I be without one! I've just stripped it and Im sure the next few blog posts will be me having a go at painting it!