Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Last Day in Work...

Today is my last day in work. After nine years the company I've been working for has decided to offer me voluntary redundancy. They even made it financially worth my while! Therefore I might have some time off before I go back on the trail of hunting for a job (Software Testing if anyone has contacts! lol)

My hope is therefore to paint some stuff and post pictures and generally make everyone extremely envious! hehe! (Well one has to have a reason to get up in the mornings!!!)

I even might try my hand at a bit of sculpting...

My First Sculpt from years ago!


Gaj said...

Why, Mr Justin, I think that little man must be green with envy. Oh wait. That's just me :)

I've been told by our own software testers that the contract market is now extremely ripe. I'll check with same testers if we're looking.

But in the mean time, a toast to you, your company, and the long days of painting and peace that face you!

Thantsants said...

Congratulations - hope you have a productive time!

That little sculpt looks rather good too.