Monday, December 17, 2012

All Quiet

Well its been quiet here on at The Masterwork Guild. Having lots of time on my hands hasn't necessarily translated into painting. I've been popping into my local games workshop on a semi regular basis. Not really bought anything but just like to hang out and get some inspiration!  Im currently working on the Banelegions Mantichora:

I painted up and sold some Zulus on ebay. These guys earned me just £41, but the paint job was a little bit basic.

I've also painted up half a dozen old style Gnolls and Bugbears for one of my D&D friends and I also painted a Space Marine Predator tank as a christmas gift for the neighbour kid.

I have painted up 3 more units of Wood Elves, 6 Wild cats, 6 War dogs and 4 Bears all with handlers. I'll take some pictures over the next few days.

So maybe my blog has been quiet but I've still managed to get some painting done...

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