Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Zoat Progress

Slow progress on my zoats, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And a quick snap of Skarlocs wood elves who have returned from the painter 'lead legion'! I'll do a proper post on them shortly. Definitely would recommend 'lead legion' though...


Goblin Lee said...

Looking good.

I like the standard bearer, and the rearing leader.

Skarlocs looking good too, the green bows are cool.

Unknown said...

The rearing leader is from Impact Miniatures, which I've converted to carry a mace.

The Standard obviously sculpted by me. Bit of a bodge job, but good practice sculpting leaves and flowers... ideal Wood Elf poncey-ness!

You used to laugh at my green bows! - glad they're growing on you! :) At last count there's 144 of them in the army! :)

Alain SENES said...


Your blog is really very interesting. I am an enthusiast of old CITADEL miniatures and old GAMES WORKSHOP products.


Sir Roland

Unknown said...

That is a lot of zoats!
I have one!
Lovely paint job.
Can we get a close up of the leader?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind comments... I'm thinking about buying the smaller wizard Zoat as another leader type. I intend to do another photo shoot at some point and update my blog header with my entire army...