Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The first halfling unit painted

I started this unit several weeks ago, but as usual this unit of only 11 halflings has taken longer than Goblin 'paint fiend' Lee takes to knock out a 3000 point army! But I suppose every little bit helps. There's another two more halfling units started so I'm hoping they won't take quite so long. I had a thought about sculpting a halfling standard bearer. Should I concentrate on painting or waste time in vain trying to create a standard bearer!?


Goblin Lee said...

Nice Halflings, they are looking good.
If it's any consolation I have done very little painting in the last two weeks! You might be about five miniatures ahead for the next couple of days! ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Lee!

Are you planning a unit of halflings as allies for your wood elves? They would also work as allies for your human armies. - not that I've seen any yet on your blog! :)

I remember you had a heavily armoured fighter painted silvery gold, with a spear/ halberd and wolfshead on his helmet. I think he was one of your unit leaders. Would love to see your human army again.

Goblin Lee said...

Not planning on a Halfling ally for the Wood Elves, might add them to the Empire army. Both are on the blog update here:


I did paint up the Bretonnians. I think I know the miniature you are talking about. I plan to look at doing the Empire army in the new year now, got distracted by Squats, and still need to finish off the Wood Elves.
I like your Halfling Standard Bearer.

Unknown said...

Im sat here in work, itching to get home and do some more to him! He's kind of based on the picture of the halfling army standard bearer in Warhammer Armies. Im thinking of giving him a double headed spear so that the ends can be snipped off as required. If I decide to cast him I'll send you some!

Goblin Lee said...

He sounds great, and thank you :)