Friday, July 25, 2014

Is this enough static grass?

So my 2 doors are slowly getting there...

I'm now at the stage where I can flock them with static grass. They have been sanded of varnish, and then sand, plaster and PVA glue has been spread on them. Then sanded down again as it was too rough, and then painted brown.

You can see from the high elf knight in the middle of the one board, that the table will be quite large! 

My plan is to cover the table with PVA and then liberally sprinkle static grass all over it. I'm concerned as I'm not sure how much flock I will need! Those with experience, can you tell me if what I have is enough? 

Also I was hoping for fairly distinct colour patches of static grass to give the surface some interest, so that means I'll have to do each flock separately and shake off the excess. I'm worried that shaking flock off a heavy door won't be easy!

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Warlord Paul said...

The end result might look a bit threadbare if I'm honest. I would pick up another 200g bag if you can. As an alternative there are excellent tutorials on making your own flock and static grass on youtube and you can also get a fair bit of green lichen on multi-buy offers at pets at home currently.