Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February 2011 Painting Pledge

February wasnt quite as good as January for painting – but I was away for a weeks vacation (which basically precluded any painting on 2 weekends!) The painting I did is all visible on here and consisted of:
  • 5 Dark Elf Mandrakes (used as Drow Warlocks for D&D) 
  • Chaos Beastmaster and 3 Hounds 
  • Greater Demon of Slaanesh (counts as 4 figures) 
Im trying to be really strict and not buy anything – but I still put in a bid on ebay for some chaos thugs, but was sniped at the very end - which I guess is a good thing!

So a total of 13 figures painted and 0 bought for February.
The yearly running total is now +3

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