Sunday, February 27, 2011

Despicable Drow...

Despicable Drow

Im calling this my Drow army. I have a large Drider figure which I havent finished painting in the background  which makes this definitely Drow rather than Dark Elf. I've painted them with blue skin and white hair which ties them in nicely with the Slaanseh Demon. Hmm... Drow consorting with demons - whatever next!

20 Witch Elves (from Black Tree Design - best described as 'average' sculpts)
5 Cold One Knights (Really intimidating to paint and took a long time!)
Chaos Demons of Slaanesh
20 Dark Elf Corsairs
30 Dark Elf Spears
One Drider (The best figure I've seen for a Drider, but I cant remember where I got her from. Leave a comment please, if you know where she comes from!!!)

This force is also very light on missile troops which I'll have to acquire at some point. I have plenty of D&D characters to add as champions and magic users - I just have to paint them! I also have a 5-headed dragon from Grenadier that Im thinking of adding as the equivalent of a Hydra monster.

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