Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Found another one

That nice man Gaj sent me an email offering a replacement Prince Lolair for my chariot. I couldnt believe someone would have a spare one without having a complete chariot (obviously they do -because I have a chariot without Prince Lolair!). Anyway, about the same time that Gaj was rummaging through his lead stash to find him for me, I was also rummaging through mine, looking for bits that I could throw onto ebay. My lead mountain is big enough and the girlfriend is rightly worried for my sanity. During my rummage I found I had another elven attack chariot. Complete this time! Heres some photographic evidence of my long term memory loss/ Citadel Wood Elf addiction...

Are two Chariots better than one?

Maybe there are some dwarf halls under my mountain, filled with dwarves that hammer and heat, who fire and forge minerals deep, into exquisite pieces ready for enchantment. It is the only explanation!

Certainly not that I buy willy-nilly from ebay and like most things I buy, this second chariot was thrown onto the lead mountain pile and forgotten! I got a parcel this morning but didnt have time to open it. I think its my replacement Prince Lolair for my first chariot.

I've just seen on ebay an incomplete chariot go for £43.23 plus £2.50 for p&p! link These toy soldiers are beginning to get very expensive! I've gathered a carrier bag of miniatures that I shall be putting onto ebay shortly - I dont think any of them will be interesting to Citadel addicts unfortunately so dont hold your breaths!


orlygg said...

Yes, the prices of 80s citadel are ever on the rise (a bit like petrol it seems) but a least they are an investment of sorts; well that's what I tell my wife.

I wonder what else you have hiding away in your lead mountain? The citadel giant? The Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut?


Justin said...

I see your impressed by size... Alas I have no Citadel giant, no Chaos Juggernaut. :(

The closest thing I have to those in terms of size might be my Emperor Dragon. Alas once again not the Imperial 'Chicken' Dragon! But still a hefty amount of lead nonetheless!


Matt said...

You could avoid similar embarrassing situations in the future by having me audit your lead mountain for you - payment for my time being in classic lead of course!

Gaj said...

Nice find, Mr Justin! I don't suppose your lead collection includes a batch of imperials? I need about 40 for my lichemaster collection, so I suppose I'd better start getting ahead of that game.

Or elves, perhaps? I don't know if you have any spare elves from the era?