Monday, July 16, 2012

I can resist anything except the temptation of something shiney and new ...

So my Elf chariots are currently half made up and sitting somewhere to the rear of my painting table. In front of them stand a half painted legion of 40 skeletons from the Nightmare legion. A skeletal lord on throne from Reaper miniatures feels the occasional touch of brush, highlighting his purple cloak.

Overtaking them all is a new package containing shiney new playthings. Direct from Copplestone Castings, a slew of 15mm barbarians spill out onto the painting table and are hastily glued on to bases as my excitement grows at the thought of painting them. They are truly nice figures. The sculpting is impressive. So many historical 15mm figures have disappointed, but not these. If you have a weak disposition (such as I) then do not hold one in your hand. More compulsive than the Orthanc Palantir. I despair at the infidelity to my own projects! So many half started and so little time.

In double quick time I knocked these up over a couple of evenings. I've also got some Ogres and Beastmen from Magister Militum. I see a force of Chaos growing. In 15mm! So these are will be either Human Barbarians, Dunlendings or Chaos Thugs! Im going to have to start updating my other blog.
For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm!

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