Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lavisicious, the RoC Chaos Dwarf Champion

Well I went all out finishing of the sculpting of my champion this afternoon; and spent this evening painting him! I've never been so productive!

I thought it would be fun to compare the original figure, with what I've done to him. So here is the original from Reaper:

I had originally wanted to convert an old citadel dwarf but I didn't trust my sculpting ability enough to chop off the head of a decent old skool mini! That's why I used a reaper dwarf, however, he is quite a bit bigger than normal dwarves. But as a Chaos Champion he is allowed a 25mm base.

My sculpting obviously isn't that good, because I thought I was sculpting him going Shhh!, however my wife's immediate response was why is he sniffing his finger! Well those Slaanesh types...

His paint scheme is hopefully in line with my Keeper of Secrets Demon...

My decks are cleared for Helga the Chaos Spawn... Not sure whether to create an armature from scratch.

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matthewjksullivan said...

Nice conversion! The painted blue head gives him an almost Egyptian look -- let Set or something. Very evocative. Love it!