Monday, September 12, 2011

So many boxes of old citadel miniatures...

Ok - so I'm not very good at updating my blog... but I have a new app for the phone so maybe some quick updates may start appearing. A fellow TMP'er has got me started on warhammer 3rd edition. I like the way he thinks as he's obviously looking at the battle of Forenronds Last Stand; near the back of the WFB 3rd edition book, which requires a force of 30 Elven cavalry.

Now I suggest that that is a big ask of anybody. I can't imagine what they were thinking when they drew up that army list. Anyways it got me thinking. I've got a dozen cavalry painted up for my elves already. You can just about make them out in previous blog posts. So I wondered if there's any more running around on ebay. But I didnt get much success there.

Then, from the dark recesses of my mind, a realisation that somewhere in my collection I might already have some more. An enjoyable half hour rummaging later, I pulled out a box labelled elf cavalry. Anyway the photo below shows what's inside. Not in a very good state, and I will need to get some lances sorted, but definitely enough Elven cavalry to cover a small engagement such as Forenronds Last Stand! I've also got a box of later plastic High Elf cavalry - just in case!

Gratuitous shot of naked Elves riding horses... naked in the sense of unpainted!

By chance I also happened upon my elf chariot. Totally squashed! :(

I've just Googled 'Forenronds Last Stand' and found another 80's miniatures geek contemplating the same battle!

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Erny said...

Thanks for the link. Nice collection of Jess's elven cavalry. I have enough myself painted too, just not to the standard i would want it these days. Look forward to seeing these painted.