Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turning Lead into Gold?

I've been collecting miniatures since the year dot (well its probably only since 1986 or 88 I cant remember exactly), and basically my collection been growing every month since then. Some of it is pretty rubbish, and some of it is pretty decent, but small bits of it are pure gold. I have, for example, this Limited Edition figure in my collection:

LE 4 Space Marine Captain 1991

Still in blister, and looking good after 20 years of storage. Here he is on Solegends.  I wonder how much he would get on ebay now? Any Offers? (Im not selling!)

It looks like someone on ebay has been thinking the exact same thing as me, with regards to this figure! Hopefully I'll soon get an answer as to how much this figure is worth!

Well I have my answer. The final price including postage was £48.56! Thats a nice profit for a single figure - But Im still not tempted to sell! (well not yet anyway!)


Ray Rousell said...

£18???????? Good god!!!

Auretious Taak said...

Having now collected all of the 1988 and 1989 space marines (most of the 1987 and the 1986 one too heh) I can safely say I know rough going prices for quite a lot of figures. This guy above is one of those sort after mini's that is worth a small fortune, easily see people pay in excess of $100 USD for him, that he is BNIB as well just adds to that. Keep him for another 2 decades or so and then have alook then!