Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Zoats need your help!

I cant decide what colour scheme to paint my Zoats!  Luckily I'm still at the stage of sculpting my standard-bearer zoat. Until he's finished I've got time to ask you my dear reader for your thoughts on Zoat colour schemes! I've done a quick trawl and the following are paint schemes that I like, But what scheme do you think would fit in with my Wood Elves?

Scheme 1 - This was my understanding of the classic Warhammer colour scheme.  Dark green and bright yellow!
Scheme 2 -This is classic 40k colour scheme, that should be quite simple to paint just white undercoat and green ink (I think).
Scheme 3 - Quite a 'realistic' colour scheme, but to get it right would take quite a bit of effort!
Scheme 4 - This caught my eye as a modern take of the classic warhammer colour scheme...
Scheme 5 - Unusual colour scheme of Zoat with iron skin!
Scheme 6,7,8 - Light green (on the right!) - but if enough readers say orange or purple I might be persuaded!  ;)


Unknown said...

If I had a zoat (and I don't, so no opportunity to put my money where my mouth is...), I think I'd aim for a greyish colour - quite dark, or perhaps quite close to the blue spectrum. You could lighten the look on the armour, then, or darken it with a green tinge. I'd be inclined to lighten the armour, though.

I suppose I'd better just get my own zoat...

adeptgamer said...

Number 1 definitely. The classic always looks best on the table top imho.

Thantsants said...

This is what I went with many moons ago - quite similar to Orlygg's (the grey armoured skin tones).

Blue in VT said...

As the painter of number 5 (thanks for including it in your reference...hi praise indeed) I would like to mention that the armored portions of this figure are a greyish green...and not metallic.

My intention was to make that portion look something like a turtle's shell with the greenish portions being the softer flesh bits.

Since you have quite a "horde" of Zoats why not try a couple of color schemes...representing different families or tribes? If you paint them all the same I fear for your sanity...they have a lot of surface area to cover!

Unknown said...

I'm following adeptgamers' suggestion and trying scheme 1. It's just how I imagine zoats, I'm sure I must have seen it in a White Dwarf like that, otherwise I don't know where I've seen it.

Sorry Blue! I thought it was this new fangled, non-metallic metal! My bad! Sorry! :)

You question my sanity for 10 zoats? Those 30 elf cavalry burned me out... I'm sure a measley 10 zoats will be ok! ( my overconfidence is my weakness...)