Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wood Elf Animal Handlers

Some lovely Wood Elf Animal Handlers ready to join the army! Zoats are next on the painting table!


Sorry for the poor photos. Once the Zoats are sorted I shall do another photo shoot!


Thantsants said...

That's a whole load of bears - mine has only got one!

Very nice indeed and looking forward to the Zoats.

Erny said...

Very nice looking, getting bigger than my woodies soon!

The running chap with your cats is actually the handler for the hounds. The chap you have with the hounds is the boar handler. Don't matter in the long run but figure you may not know.

I only have three cats, no original bears (maybe one??) but twelve hounds and three boars.

Any chance of bringing them to the oldhammer day this summer?

Justin said...

Thanks for the nice comments guys!

I'm guessing that the army is about half complete. I've still got loads of archers (of all sorts) to paint up.

Thanks for the info on the animal handlers. I don't have any boars, however, I still have 4 or 5 wildcats around. I don't think I'm going to paint them, so if anyone wants them let me know...

I'm thinking about coming to Oldhammer. I'm getting married in July, so I'm going to be pretty busy, but if I can I'll be there!

Harry Howells said...

Love the animal handlers.
I am just about to paint mine up (Already done the animals)
I only have two boars. They are defo the hardest to come by ... I guess wild pigs were not quite as scarey as wild cats or bears so they just did not sell so well.
I was going to paint up some marauder boars ... they have a similar look and are a bit easier to find ... if you can bring yourself to seperate them from their Orc riders.