Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some quick snaps...

I undercoated a unit of elves and have sent them off to lead legion to be painted. It's my first time I've used a painting service... I kinda feel like a cheat, however you can see just how many elves I've still got left to paint below!

Anyway I had to visit my local friendly gaming store to pick up some more undercoat and showed them my sculpted standard. Some kind and encouraging words came back, but the interesting thing was the lack of recognition of the Zoat! Can't believe they don't know their own history! Anyway i got back home and I sprayed my Zoats! :)

I'd love to start painting them, but I have to do some Ironing to keep the better half sweet!


Thantsants said...

Zoat-ally awesome!

That's certainly a lot of Zoats you have there. We'll forgive you for "cheating" if it means we get to see this little lot painted sooner rather than later ;)

Interesting use of the Tyranid zoats in there - looking forward to seeing them done.

Justin said...

Tyranid Zoat?

I thought Zoats came about before Tyranids were every thought of?