Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its a dirty job...

To get the elf cavalry underway I have to clear my decks. I need to strip a few of the horses but there were already a handful of figures in the stripping bowl. I spent this morning before work, removing gungy paint from the figures with an old toothbrush. I then wash the figures with  washing up liquid. The elf cavalry are now nice and happy having their own Dettol bath. They need a few days in there, so I shall try and get them stripped by the end of the weekend. Its a stinky, gooey and dirty job, but these lovely old miniatures (citadel skeletons and chaos beastmen) wont clean themselves! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turning Lead into Gold?

I've been collecting miniatures since the year dot (well its probably only since 1986 or 88 I cant remember exactly), and basically my collection been growing every month since then. Some of it is pretty rubbish, and some of it is pretty decent, but small bits of it are pure gold. I have, for example, this Limited Edition figure in my collection:

LE 4 Space Marine Captain 1991

Still in blister, and looking good after 20 years of storage. Here he is on Solegends.  I wonder how much he would get on ebay now? Any Offers? (Im not selling!)

It looks like someone on ebay has been thinking the exact same thing as me, with regards to this figure! Hopefully I'll soon get an answer as to how much this figure is worth!

Well I have my answer. The final price including postage was £48.56! Thats a nice profit for a single figure - But Im still not tempted to sell! (well not yet anyway!)

Slow Progress

The last few days have been spent supporting my girlfriend who was running the great North Run, so there hasnt been much time for Hobby fun. Half the elf cavalry have been cleaned up and based. I had originally cut away the supporting tabs under the front hoofs of the horses, but that has weakened the models considerably, so I've had to add some brass wire supports to each horse, which has taken quite a bit of time. Most of the other elf lancers are in the queue waiting to be paint stripped.

Im still on the lookout for an additional archer. I got outbid for one on ebay this weekend. The final bid was about £12. So I should probably insure the rest of my 30 cavalry!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Painting Table...

Everyone likes to have a look at someone elses painting table., so here goes:

A recently finished unit of Elves awaiting a spray of varnish.

Below are pics of my Elf cavalry after a bit of a sort out. I've decided I want 2 units with Bows (so I need another bowman rider!). I also need to find 8 lances. I might have to go with some metal lances as the plastic ones are beginning to be very weak. I suppose they are nearly 20 years old, but Im surprised at how the plastic seems to be failing! Im also wondering about getting a standard bearer for one of the units...

And finally my squashed chariot, which needs some love and attention, and I think I'll put on a new base to meet todays rules on chariot base sizes...

Hope you've enjoyed...

Monday, September 12, 2011

So many boxes of old citadel miniatures...

Ok - so I'm not very good at updating my blog... but I have a new app for the phone so maybe some quick updates may start appearing. A fellow TMP'er has got me started on warhammer 3rd edition. I like the way he thinks as he's obviously looking at the battle of Forenronds Last Stand; near the back of the WFB 3rd edition book, which requires a force of 30 Elven cavalry.

Now I suggest that that is a big ask of anybody. I can't imagine what they were thinking when they drew up that army list. Anyways it got me thinking. I've got a dozen cavalry painted up for my elves already. You can just about make them out in previous blog posts. So I wondered if there's any more running around on ebay. But I didnt get much success there.

Then, from the dark recesses of my mind, a realisation that somewhere in my collection I might already have some more. An enjoyable half hour rummaging later, I pulled out a box labelled elf cavalry. Anyway the photo below shows what's inside. Not in a very good state, and I will need to get some lances sorted, but definitely enough Elven cavalry to cover a small engagement such as Forenronds Last Stand! I've also got a box of later plastic High Elf cavalry - just in case!

Gratuitous shot of naked Elves riding horses... naked in the sense of unpainted!

By chance I also happened upon my elf chariot. Totally squashed! :(

I've just Googled 'Forenronds Last Stand' and found another 80's miniatures geek contemplating the same battle!