Wood Elves

This is my Warhammer 3rd edition 1980's Citadel Wood Elf army.  Who Fancies a fight against these guys?

Painted so far:
  • 250 Elf Archers and Infantry
  • 33 Elven Cavalry (including leaders)
  • 2 Elven War Chariots
  • 11 Zoats (including a non-Citadel Zoat leader)
  • 3 Treemen and 10 Dryads and 10 Female Dryads and 10 Satyrs
  • 3 sets of animal handlers (4 bears, 6 wildcats, 6 wardogs)
  • 36 Halfling archer allies and Halfling leader on pony
The entire army so far... 

The mounted troops

Lead by General, Champion and Wizard

Elven Attack Chariots

Elven Lancers

Mounted Elven Archers (x2)

Elf Archers

Elf Kinsmen

Elven Guards

Elf Kinsmen with Spears

Elf Wardancers
Skarlocs Wood Elf Archers painted by 'Lead Legion'
Skarlocs Leaders

Elf Glade Guard

Treemen and Dryads
Wood elf animal handlers, (Bear, Wild Cats and Wardogs!) - Im willing to part with good money for 2-5 Boar figures!!! (I recently bought one!) 

Animal Handlers
As someone said to me - This many Zoats means Armageddon is coming... However the Warhammer 3rd edition army lists suggest that a Zoat Ally Contingent could have upto 21 Zoats! So Im just over halfway! :)

Still waiting to be painted:
A couple more boxes of Skarlocs Wood Elf archers (2x20)
Another Elf Archer Unit (with swords out). (20)
Another unit of 30 Plastic Elf Archers (30)
Seven more Elf Lancers (so my leaders can join up and make a another unit of 10).
A few more Elf leaders on horses.
Elf Dragon Lord! - To be repainted...
Wardancer on Hippogriff (Midland Bank anyone?)


Erny said...

Boy you have been busy! Nice army, needs more zoats.

Unknown said...

Beautiful army.
Loving the clean crisp painting style.
Huge inspiration for my own stuff.

TBone said...

Love your wood elves!!! I have been collecting Jes Goodwin wood elves for years. I just need to get some animal handlers, treemen and a few wood archers to finish off. Best of luck to you!!

Stuart Bannister said...

Amazing army - it looks incredible. I can see your love of symmetry too in your photos!

Unknown said...

I hadn't really noticed my quite obvious need for symmetry! Someone else mentioned that I must like quite a regimented feel to my units too. Thinking I might be borderline OCD!

Stuart Bannister said...

I recognise it as something I do too, definitely some ocd involved!

I've just seen that you're Guildford based, not far from me at all in Farnborough...

jprp said...

What are you stating the Dryads as?

JB Mondoloni said...

Awesome army, congratilations!!!

G-or-G said...

WOOOW a Really amazing army. Congratulations :D