Sunday, August 05, 2012

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Golden Gobbos...

Well I have a couple of hours free time this afternoon. So obviously the thing to do is paint something... should I finish off those Elf Chariots ( ahem I mean start!) or should I be led down another direction. Well obviously in the spirit of being a true wargamer, I have as much capacity to be focused on one project as a particularly scatty butterfly on a bad day.

So I've decided to try and paint something for the Oldhammer Painting competition - aka 'The Golden Gobbos'. The idea being painting something possibly from the 80's using the old school vibe of bright colours (and maybe even goblin green base!).

Nothing says 80's citadel more to me than the old excellent Chaos range. I therefore searched around and found the first tub of Chaos and tipped it out.

There are some Marauder Chaos Archers in there which are ok, but the rest all give me the tingles when I just think about painting them. So I've chosen one and it is now on my painting table. Unfortunately, due to the highly regulated nature of the Golden Gobbos (In painting competitions apparently there are rules!), I'm not allowed to say which one, nor provide any work in progress updates. Booo!

Im hoping to finish him quite quickly (Just because I dont have much time!). The deadline being the 13th August. I'd better start or else the paint wont dry in time...