Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lavisicious, the RoC Chaos Dwarf Champion

Well I went all out finishing of the sculpting of my champion this afternoon; and spent this evening painting him! I've never been so productive!

I thought it would be fun to compare the original figure, with what I've done to him. So here is the original from Reaper:

I had originally wanted to convert an old citadel dwarf but I didn't trust my sculpting ability enough to chop off the head of a decent old skool mini! That's why I used a reaper dwarf, however, he is quite a bit bigger than normal dwarves. But as a Chaos Champion he is allowed a 25mm base.

My sculpting obviously isn't that good, because I thought I was sculpting him going Shhh!, however my wife's immediate response was why is he sniffing his finger! Well those Slaanesh types...

His paint scheme is hopefully in line with my Keeper of Secrets Demon...

My decks are cleared for Helga the Chaos Spawn... Not sure whether to create an armature from scratch.

A Realm of Chaos Warband...

I've spent an evening this week working out a Realm of Chaos warband and its been really fun! Im hopefully going to play this against Bane from the oldhammer forums. I read somewhere on the internet about rolling for 2 chaos attributes for the champion. So that is what I have done. I've tried to ensure that one is positive and the other negative or merely cosmetic.

So I was rolling for my Champion (a female human wizard), and her first attribute was Uncontrollable Flatulence (positive!?) which sounds fine but not particularly Slaanesh, anyway the 2nd chaos attribute came up as Chaos Spawn! Doh! So I then has to roll for another 5 attributes! Normally that would be the end of the champion, but I read that Chaos Spawn can become followers for other Chaos Champions. So I thought she could become the first 'retinue' member for a new chaos champion? i.e. I'd have to roll for a new champion and use the spawn as one of its retinue.

So this is a quick run down of my new Slaanesh warband...

Laviscious - Level 5 Chaos Dwarf Wizard – Champion of Slaanesh
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP Fear
3 5 3 4 4 1 2 2 9 8+1 10+1 10+1 2
Hand Weapon, Crossbow (Ranged Attack Str 4), 2 equipment points (not spent these hoping I can store these until the warband gets bigger and then can more equipment!?)
• Power Level 3d6 divided by 2 (Chaos Dwarf)
• 3x 1st level spells

Chaos Gift
• Mark of Slaanesh (+1 Will Power) (not sure if it becomes 10+2 because WP is already 10+1?)

Chaos Attributes
• Bestial Face (Goat Face, +1 Gore Attack)
• Bestial Face (Face of Chaos Patron - Bull) replaces above for aesthetics, but no effect.

• Helga The Spawn
• 2d4 Skaven (d6-4 Unit attributes)  - They got 2 attributes unit dominant attributes: Weapon Master and Obesity! (+1 WS and Movement of only 2"!)
• D6 Human Runaways

Helga - Spawn of Slaanesh
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int Cl WP Fear
8 (1) 3 3 6 4 2 1 1 7 8+1 8+1 9+1 3
Hand Weapon, Horse (M8, +1 Save), Bow (Ranged Attack Str 3), Stupidity
Chaos Gift
• Mark of Slaanesh (+1 Will Power)

Chaos Attributes
• Uncontrollable Flatulence
• Chaos Spawn (Stupidity)
o Tail (no effect)
o Limb Loss (One leg lost)
o Overgrown Body Part (arms ‘x4’ size)
o Bestial Face – Rabbit (no effect)
o Cloven Hooves (no effect)

Anyway I thought I would have a go at sculpting up the Chaos champion first. A wizardy Chaos Dwarf with Head of Patron (Bulls head ala Keeper of Secrets). He's supposed to be going Shhhh! - as in he's trying to keep someone from telling his naughty secret!

He is based on a reaper dwarf who was drinking beer. I've cut the old head away and kind of formed a new Bulls head. I still have to finish off his eyes and bulk out his head a little and give him a sword or axe and a crossbow slung over his back.

Once I've finished him off I can have a go at Helga the Spawn with overgrown arms!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My first Citadel Undead Samurai paintjobs

A quick update for two undead samurai test pieces that I painted up last night. I am looking for guidance and inspiration on better colour schemes for samurai as these guys look a bit plain. I'd love to try some flower petal designs on their robes, but the number and depths of folds make it a very daunting task for me...

Friday, June 05, 2015

Citadel Undead Screaming Skull Throwers

Do two skull throwers count as a unit? If so, I have painted another unit for my undead army! They only got a fairly quick and dirty paint job, but good enough for some undead skeletons. In the last 2 weeks I've painted over a 1,000pts of undead! (but 800pts was for 10 mummies!!!)

I also been busy with the next 2 skeletal units undercoated with some base colours, so hopefully they wont take long to appear too!

Next up is a characterful shaggy Ogre! I found him difficult to paint up colourfully, because of all the hair and flesh, but I tried to make the mushrooms pop. I added some on his base to match the ones that are sculpted growing on his back!

Once again - Anyone recognise who makes him? He was a random purchase at Salute. After reading Goblin Lees blog, I recall he comes from Warploque Miniatures. Anyway in my mind he goes really well with the Midnight Workshop Orcs from Artizan Miniatures...