Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 starts here

First post of 2012 will be a quick review of 2011. I was enjoying getting back into Warhammer and painting the odd few citadel figures, and then Real Life throws me a real curve ball. My mum unexpectedly passed away at the end of November. Enough to say that other things have had greater importance recently. But I'm lucky to say I've got some really good friends who've helped me tremendously.
So with a heavy heart I'm just beginning to look forward to enjoying life again. And for me personally that means once again taking an interest in miniatures.
I think my first task will be to sort things into some sort of order. I have soo many miniatures and only a finite time on earth to actually enjoy them! So I need to rationalise my interests and part with those which have become secondary. Hopefully that will allow me to concentrate and finish whichever project I decide to prioritize.
Anyway that's about enough from me. Happy New Year! And may you be lucky in life and in pursuit of your hobbies!