Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing around with camera setup

Obviously the Camera phone isnt quite up to scratch for taking photos of 15mm sized figures! So I dug out my old Digital Camera to see what the difference is...
Phone camera on a sunny day...

My old 5 megapixel digital camera with Macro and flash...

A little bit more practice with the camera and a bit more spacing and the results are definitely better. I might have to spend more time painting to get my paint jobs up to digital media standard. In real life my eyes are not as good as a digital camera! (eyes or painting ability!)

Monday, July 16, 2012

I can resist anything except the temptation of something shiney and new ...

So my Elf chariots are currently half made up and sitting somewhere to the rear of my painting table. In front of them stand a half painted legion of 40 skeletons from the Nightmare legion. A skeletal lord on throne from Reaper miniatures feels the occasional touch of brush, highlighting his purple cloak.

Overtaking them all is a new package containing shiney new playthings. Direct from Copplestone Castings, a slew of 15mm barbarians spill out onto the painting table and are hastily glued on to bases as my excitement grows at the thought of painting them. They are truly nice figures. The sculpting is impressive. So many historical 15mm figures have disappointed, but not these. If you have a weak disposition (such as I) then do not hold one in your hand. More compulsive than the Orthanc Palantir. I despair at the infidelity to my own projects! So many half started and so little time.

In double quick time I knocked these up over a couple of evenings. I've also got some Ogres and Beastmen from Magister Militum. I see a force of Chaos growing. In 15mm! So these are will be either Human Barbarians, Dunlendings or Chaos Thugs! Im going to have to start updating my other blog.
For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Found another one

That nice man Gaj sent me an email offering a replacement Prince Lolair for my chariot. I couldnt believe someone would have a spare one without having a complete chariot (obviously they do -because I have a chariot without Prince Lolair!). Anyway, about the same time that Gaj was rummaging through his lead stash to find him for me, I was also rummaging through mine, looking for bits that I could throw onto ebay. My lead mountain is big enough and the girlfriend is rightly worried for my sanity. During my rummage I found I had another elven attack chariot. Complete this time! Heres some photographic evidence of my long term memory loss/ Citadel Wood Elf addiction...

Are two Chariots better than one?

Maybe there are some dwarf halls under my mountain, filled with dwarves that hammer and heat, who fire and forge minerals deep, into exquisite pieces ready for enchantment. It is the only explanation!

Certainly not that I buy willy-nilly from ebay and like most things I buy, this second chariot was thrown onto the lead mountain pile and forgotten! I got a parcel this morning but didnt have time to open it. I think its my replacement Prince Lolair for my first chariot.

I've just seen on ebay an incomplete chariot go for £43.23 plus £2.50 for p&p! link These toy soldiers are beginning to get very expensive! I've gathered a carrier bag of miniatures that I shall be putting onto ebay shortly - I dont think any of them will be interesting to Citadel addicts unfortunately so dont hold your breaths!