Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wood Elf Army

I've updated my Wood Elf page with new photos of my army. After setting it up I sat and looked at it in awe! Im so pleased with it! Now I really need someone to have a battle with.

I've also taken a few snaps of my growing undead army (see my Undead page). I might take a break from Wood Elves for a bit and see if I can add a couple more units of skeletons.

However first I've got some Black Tree Design Zulus that need rebasing and sprucing up ready for ebay...

Monday, October 01, 2012

Painted Wood Elf Chariots and Cavalry

Some quick snaps of the Elven Attack Chariots I've painted. I need to set up my dining room table with citadel grass mat (tm) and trees etc and reshoot the entire Wood Elf army! I must get used to taking photos with my tripod as these are a bit blurry! Hopefully get this done on Wednesday.