Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zoat Test Piece

All the good websites will tell you to paint a test figure before you forge ahead with a whole unit. I've failed to listen to that advice many times in the past, however, because I was just so unsure about painting these Zoats, I've done the right thing and painted just one to see how hard he was to paint and determine whether I like the colour scheme... Whilst I was looking at Zoats on the web, I found a site that was selling a newly sculpted zoat!  One finger-twitch later and my shopping basket was paid for! Hopefully he'll fit in with the current crew!

In the end he was easier to paint than I imagined, but I take a few days to decide if this is the route I want to go with them. What do you think?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some quick snaps...

I undercoated a unit of elves and have sent them off to lead legion to be painted. It's my first time I've used a painting service... I kinda feel like a cheat, however you can see just how many elves I've still got left to paint below!

Anyway I had to visit my local friendly gaming store to pick up some more undercoat and showed them my sculpted standard. Some kind and encouraging words came back, but the interesting thing was the lack of recognition of the Zoat! Can't believe they don't know their own history! Anyway i got back home and I sprayed my Zoats! :)

I'd love to start painting them, but I have to do some Ironing to keep the better half sweet!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Zoats need your help!

I cant decide what colour scheme to paint my Zoats!  Luckily I'm still at the stage of sculpting my standard-bearer zoat. Until he's finished I've got time to ask you my dear reader for your thoughts on Zoat colour schemes! I've done a quick trawl and the following are paint schemes that I like, But what scheme do you think would fit in with my Wood Elves?

Scheme 1 - This was my understanding of the classic Warhammer colour scheme.  Dark green and bright yellow!
Scheme 2 -This is classic 40k colour scheme, that should be quite simple to paint just white undercoat and green ink (I think).
Scheme 3 - Quite a 'realistic' colour scheme, but to get it right would take quite a bit of effort!
Scheme 4 - This caught my eye as a modern take of the classic warhammer colour scheme...
Scheme 5 - Unusual colour scheme of Zoat with iron skin!
Scheme 6,7,8 - Light green (on the right!) - but if enough readers say orange or purple I might be persuaded!  ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wood Elf Animal Handlers

Some lovely Wood Elf Animal Handlers ready to join the army! Zoats are next on the painting table!


Sorry for the poor photos. Once the Zoats are sorted I shall do another photo shoot!

Im still alive!

and to prove it - here are some updates of stuff painted over the last few months...

Mantichora, now I'm seeing it on my screen I might need to redden the tail and green up the sting a bit more...

Such a nice figure! It doesn't look so glossy in real life.

Old Skool Giant. Dodgy eyes... :(

 Moradin - painting commission for my Best Man!